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Pomp-a-doodle Scarf

Scarf measures approximately 47 inches by 3 inches

You will need:
RED HEART® “Pomp-a-Doodle™”: 1 Ball any color.
Crochet Hook: I 5.5mm

Note: You can get 2 chaines between pompom and one single crochet between pompom. Do not pull the pompom through a stitch.

Cast on and chain 8, starting after the next pompom in the yarn.
Row 1: Single crochet in 2nd chain from hook and all the way across (6 single crochets).
Row 2: Chain 2, single crochet in each single crochet across (6 single crochets).

Repeat Row 2 until you run out of yarn. Use the hook to weave ends into the body of the scarf.